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Vertical Turbine - Deep Well Pumps

National Pump can cover all of your deep well needs, from precisely matched discharge heads, tubeline assemblies and column pipe, to custom impellers and bowl assemblies to deliver consistent pumping capacity

National Pumps are hard at work around the world providing dependable service to municipal water systems, agricultural irrigation, mining and industrial applications, as well as some of the world’s premier golf courses.

  • Water or Oil Lubricated
  • Threaded or Flanged Construction
  • Capacities to 20,000 U.S. GPM
  • Pressures up to 2,000 PSI (4,620 ft. TDH)
  • 1,500 HP

All pump models are in stock as standard materials and they can be customized at the service centers located strategically throughout the United States. Our service centers maintain a full product range of inventory at all times to serve your needs.

Deep Well Pump Specifications

National Pump has available two specifications for Deep Well pumps, Product Lubricated and Oil Lubricated.


Product Lubricated (PDF)
Product Lubricated (Word)
Oil Lubricated (PDF)
Oil Lubricated (Word)
Selecting a Vertical Turbine Pump (PDF)

Vertical Turbine - Deep Well Pumps