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Water Systems Products – Submersibles, Jets, Sprinklers & Centrifugals

From jet pumps, self priming and multi-stage centrifugal, to 4” – 8” submersibles, National Pump has a reliable pump for all of your commercial, residential, or agricultural needs.

4” Submersible

For clear, fresh drinking water, there's no better choice than National Pump's variety of 4” submersible pumps, featuring the MAX PRO, PRO and MAX PURITY series. Flows range from 4 – 95 GPM and are manufactured in a variety of materials. Powered by Franklin Electric Motors and Controls, they're easy to install and offer consistent performance over a long pump life.


National Pump shallow and deep well jet pumps are fully featured for continuous high capacity operation. There are 4 models to choose from – SW, SF, SFH and SF50SNH, from ½ HP through 1-1/2 HP.

Jets – Horizontal and Vertical Multi-stage

MSH (horizontal) and MSV (vertical) Series multistage jet pumps are used in a variety of sprinkler and pressure boost applications and will provide trouble-free economical service for years to come. Sizes range from ¾ HP – 2 HP. Flows range from 4 – 30 USGPM, while drawing up to 200 feet in depth. Impellers are available in either glass filled NORYL or Brass construction.

Sprinkler Pumps – Self Priming

SFLP Series Self-priming lawn sprinkler pumps are available from ¾ HP – 3 HP. Flows range from 30 – 90 GPM, heads to 140 feet or 62 psi. Rapid self-priming characteristics will allow up to 25 feet of lift. Pumps are designed for high capacity operation and built for long life, and feature an easy access drain plug. Available in a single or three phase motor.

BMLS Series lawn sprinkler pumps are one of the fastest self-priming pumps on the market. Available in both 3 HP & 5 HP designs, they provide over 200 USGPM of performance at over 160 feet of head. The pumps feature a brass impeller, suction flange with flapper valve and an air volume control tapping. Available in a single or three phase motor. Rapid self-priming characteristics will allow up to 25 feet of lift.

Centrifugals – Single stage

EC series end suction centrifugal pumps are ideal for many transfer or pressure boosting applications. Our pumps feature closed impellers designed for vertical or horizontal installation. Flows to 120 GPM, Heads to 140 feet. Available in 1/2 through 3 HP models.

Centrifugals – Multi-stage

BF Series Multi-stage Booster Pumps are built for high pressure services, such as car washes, misting systems, jockey pump applications, etc. Flows are available to 35 GPM, pressure to 150 psig. Available in ½ - 1-1/2 HP models.

MSC series pumps are made of rugged cast iron for years of trouble free service. Flows to 60 GPM, Heads to 160 feet. Available in 1-1/2 and 2 HP models, in single or three phase construction.

We look forward to developing a strong relationship of trust with you through high professional standards and reliable customer service. We would like the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. Before you design your next pumping system, talk with a National Pump expert and take advantage of the knowledge and experience we have to offer.

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