National Pump Company, LLC

National Pump Company Overview

At National Pump, pump technology is our business. From principals and engineers to sales and service personnel, our key staff members have more than three centuries of combined industry experience. We want to help you achieve your goals and objectives, and we're big enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to provide the one-to-one service you deserve.

At every stage of our work, from research and development to design, production and testing, we use up-to-the-minute technologies and the most modern equipment available to ensure that every National Pump meets the highest possible standards of efficiency and reliability. Using conventional or special materials, we manufacture pumps for specific needs and conditions.

From gold mines to golf courses to grain fields, our pumps are hard at work around the world. Serving commercial, industrial, municipal, power, residential, mining, oil and gas and agricultural irrigation needs, each National Pump produced is an individual pumping system designed to do a specific pumping job. Precisely matched drivers, discharge heads, impellers, bowls and column /shaft assemblies deliver consistent pumping capacity.

We offer a full range of vertical turbine and submersible pumps, water or oil lubricated, of threaded or flanged construction, with capacities to 20,000 GPM and pressures up to 2,000 PSI. All pump models are in stock as standard materials, and they can be customized at the service center level. We also manufacture custom pumps, using special alloys and coatings to suit your specific needs. We have multiple patterns in order to meet special alloy requirements in a timely manner.

Even more important is the service we provide. We will be happy to provide pre-design information to help you develop the most efficient pumping system for your customer's needs. Whatever your application, we know that having equipment down causes unacceptable delays - so each of our branches is a complete service / warehouse / assembly / finishing center.

Our branches are strategically located throughout the United States and staffed by experienced managers who are all technical experts, ready to help solve your problems on the phone or on site. No matter what brand of pump you have, when you need service, you get it now - not a two month delay while parts are ordered, or a several-day wait for a visit from service personnel.

Before you design your next pumping system, talk with a National Pump expert and take advantage of the knowledge and experience we have to offer. We're convinced you won't find better quality or service anywhere!